Farewell. The Flying Pig Has Left The Building.

Steve Hynd, August 16, 2012

After four years on the Typepad site, eight years total blogging, Newshoggers is closing it's doors today. We've been coasting the last year or so, with many of us moving on to bigger projects (Hey, Eric!) or simply running out of blogging enthusiasm, and it's time to give the old flying pig a rest.

We've done okay over those eight years, although never being quite PC enough to gain wider acceptance from the partisan "party right or wrong" crowds. We like to think we moved political conversations a little, on the ever-present wish to rush to war with Iran, on the need for a real Left that isn't licking corporatist Dem boots every cycle, on America's foreign misadventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. We like to think we made a small difference while writing under that flying pig banner. We did pretty good for a bunch with no ties to big-party apparatuses or think tanks.

Those eight years of blogging will still exist. Because we're ending this typepad account, we've been archiving the typepad blog here. And the original blogger archive is still here. There will still be new content from the old 'hoggers crew too. Ron writes for The Moderate Voice, I post at The Agonist and Eric Martin's lucid foreign policy thoughts can be read at Democracy Arsenal.

I'd like to thank all our regular commenters, readers and the other bloggers who regularly linked to our posts over the years to agree or disagree. You all made writing for 'hoggers an amazingly fun and stimulating experience.

Thank you very much.

Note: This is an archive copy of Newshoggers. Most of the pictures are gone but the words are all here. There may be some occasional new content, John may do some posts and Ron will cross post some of his contributions to The Moderate Voice so check back.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well that's rather anti-climatic

By BJ Bjornson

It appears that the superluminal neutrino results that had everybody excited for a few months may have a pretty mundane explanation.

What might have been the biggest physics story of the past century may instead be down to a faulty connection.

In September 2011, the Opera experiment reported it had seen particles called neutrinos evidently travelling faster than the speed of light.

The team has now found two problems that may have affected their test in opposing ways: one in its timing gear and one in an optical fibre connection.

More tests from May will determine just how they affect measured speeds.

Not that I was expecting that a century of physics was about to be overthrown, but I was kind of holding out hope that the explanation would be of a type that might throw light on some heretofore undiscovered phenomena and so enhance our knowledge of the universe.

Bad wiring isn�t going to do that, and so even though it was always the most likely explanation for the results, I can�t help but be disappointed now that said simplest explanation appears to be the right one.


  1. I heard they re-ran and calculated a 60ns error because of the loose coupler.... so that's it.

  2. Amazing, people admitting something went wrong. Maybe someone should bring this rare event to the attention of all our "lords & masters", NATO, almost all Western media etc., in the faint hope some radical, in any of the groups, might think it'd be one of those best practice things that would be good to adopt.

  3. and we should remember that when they released the results it was like.. "errr. we have these results. we don't believe them. but we can't figure out any errors that would create this difference, so, for completeness, we are reporting that... blah blah."
    and, in the end, they found the error.